WildLab is the Wildlife Biology Lab at the University of Western Sydney. We are based at Hawkesbury (Richmond) and we research and consult on Australian Native & Pest Animal ecology & management.


WildLab is headed by Dr Ricky Spencer, who is a Senior Lecturer of Zoology, but WildLab consists of Post-docs, PhD and Honours students, as well as research assistants, that are dedicated to the conservation of Australia's native wildlife.


WildLab is also committed to integrating traditional Science with Citizen Science. We have developed a range of tools to facilitate active engagement with the community. Please look at our Citizen Science page for more detail.


"Foxes are destroying about 95 per cent of nests each and every year."

ABC Online


"As if by magic, Australian freshwater turtles have been found to ‘communicate’ with each other so that they hatch at the same time."


Daily Mail UK

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